Everyone needs a David

It’s hard to remember to eat.

This may sound alarming but let me premise with this: I don’t have an eating disorder. If anything, I have an adventure disorder that causes me to get caught up in the activities of life and forget to eat lunch.

My roommate Brooke and I are the same way, which is why we have a food-accountability system set up now. Our conversations go a little like this:

“Have you eaten today?”

“No. Have you?”


And in goes the microwavable Easy Mac.

One Sunday I was coming back to the dorm from Highland Baptist Church. My friend and I didn’t eat out afterward and with a thin college kid budget, you can’t have both Common Grounds coffee and lunch out. So we chose coffee.

Which left me without an actual meal that day. So as I walked up to my room, I went through the polite “Hey, how are you? Good” routine with various dorm students milling around in the lobby.

And then came the question from my friend David Foo: “Have you eaten?”

“No …” and I proceeded to offer him my weak excuse of choosing caffeine over meaningful calories. So he marched into his room and brought out a box full of a college kid staple: ramen.


So I picked out the standard chicken noodle ramen and he did it all: heated up the water, put the mix in, stirred in the noodles, set out a plate, put my spoon on a napkin. He even pulled out a chair for me to sit in and played my little Kala ukulele while I ate.

The next week, he did the same for Brooke.

In college, friendships matter. As iron sharpens iron, the people surrounding us have a profound impact on our lives. There is an old Spanish proverb: Show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are. In all the little ways, and the big ones, Brooke and I have been blessed by and learned about community in college and we unanimously agree on this:

Everyone needs a David.