Enjoy this excerpt from my newest blog published online by The Bundle Magazine about my physical touch love language:

Some things you just know: the sky is up, chicken minis taste like heaven and everyone sounds better in the shower.

One night, my roommate Brooke was about to make the trek to our community bathroom for her shower. We had just been playing our ukuleles together and she asked me to serenade her as she showered. Apparently, I looked like a travel-sized Spotify playlist.

I asked her if anyone was in the bathroom, and when she said “no,” I propped the laptop up on the sink with the ukulele chords, held up my small Kala uke and sang “Reflections” by MisterWives and “Riptide” by Vance Joy to her while she showered. Of course, another girl from our hall walked in, so I clumsily explained why I was standing by the hand dryer with a Mac and a mini guitar. She laughed and encouraged me to continue.

As a previous choir nerd (shout out to the alto section), it makes sense that I would sing in the shower.

But I’ll be honest that it’s not just the shower – I sing everywhere. When I get ready in the morning, on the way to class and in the car. And through the joys of living in a community bathroom, I’ve realized that it’s not only singers who let loose when the suds start.

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