Enjoy this excerpt from my newest blog published online by The Bundle Magazine about my roommate and her unexpected surgery in Queretaro, Mexico:

My roommate Brooke and I are pretty dorky. We watch sunsets on rooftops, have “roommate dates” at Chipotle and jam out to “No Matter Where You Are” by Us the Duo. So when her dad organized a mission trip to Mexico and invited me along, we excitedly labeled it “roommates’ first trip.”

The first few days were magical. We sang Christmas carols in Spanish, guzzled down Mexican coke and shared the gospel with elementary school kids.

About halfway through the week, Brooke’s stomach started to hurt. I went into diagnosis-mode and credited it to a lack of sleep or bad tacos. But her stomach ache persisted.

She stayed in our motel while the rest of the team performed other concerts and serenaded other church contacts. When we finished our route, we got a phone call: Brooke’s pain escalated. Our missionary friend tried calling the family doctor but it was almost midnight – no one was picking up.

Her dad told me the situation and asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital.

“Yes,” I said. No hesitation.

Continue reading here

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